CEO Of Romeo’s Japanese Agency Offers Opinions On Hallyu In Japan + What Sets This Group Apart

The head of boy band Romeo’s Japanese agency offered his thoughts on their advancement into the foreign country.

HY Entertainment’s CEO Lee Ho Young recently contracted with Romeo, and will be in charge of managing their Japanese activities. He revealed his thoughts, saying that now is not a great time for K-pop in Japan, but that there is always room for possibility.

He said, “It’s true that hallyu is dying in Japan recently. The hallyu that is reported by Korean media is a small market comprised of a core group K-pop fans. In reality, it’s been hard to find K-pop related broadcasts or those that feature K-pop singers as guests in the Japanese entertainment scene for a few years.”

However, he remained positive for Romeo’s future. He said, “For a smooth advancement into Japan, [the artist] must be integrated into the Japanese sentiment. Romeo has been collaborating with different Japanese groups and media since their debut, so they are walking a different path from other singers who have advanced into Japan.”

Romeo have been working on on a “Romeo Japanese Debut Project” since February, which students from all over Japan participated in. The song that wins this project will be on Romeo’s Japanese debut album, and the music video for this song will be shot in Tokyo Film Centre School of Arts.

What do you think about his opinions?

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