GFRIEND Experiences A Blast From The Past When “New Yang Nam Show” Reveals Childhood Photos

The members of GFRIEND probably weren’t expecting to see these photos during their ultimate pajama party.

The March 16 episode of Mnet’s “New Yang Nam Show” continued with GFRIEND as guests, and featured a corner where the hosts tried to guess which members were featured in a series of childhood photos.

While they were completely puzzled by the first photo which starred Eunha, they correctly guessed Umji when her photo was shown next.


Expressing that she didn’t like the way she looked in that photo, Umji revealed that her outfit had been chosen by her mom because “she really liked flowers and lace.”

The game continued with photos of Yerin curiously gazing away from the camera, SinB showing off her best model-like pose, Yuju amusingly posing while sitting on the toilet, Sowon crawling, and many more.


One particular photo that featured a kid looking like she was ready to be the next hip hop star with their short buzzcut and headphones had the entire studio laughing. The hosts joked, “Are you sure this isn’t a contestant of ‘High School Rapper’?’ after seeing the photo, which turned out to be one of Yuju’s.


She explained that her parents had given her a buzzcut back then so that her hair could regrow more plentifully.

Do you think you could have guessed each of the members based on these photos?

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