Brave Girls’ Yoojung To Temporarily Halt Activities Due To Health Issue

Brave Girls’ Yoojung has been hospitalized with acute enteritis.

According to a media source, Yoojung started having acute abdominal pain on March 16 and went to the hospital, where she received a diagnosis of acute enteritis.

On March 17, their agency Brave Entertainment stated, “Yoojung is currently in the hospital for treatment and rest. We have decided that it would be better for her to get a shot and take a break. It’s not as bad as it seems, so there is no reason for her to [permanently] halt activities. After she gets out of the hospital, she plans to return to the team.”

Meanwhile, Brave Girls will reportedly be promoting as a four-member group until Yoojung recovers.

We wish Yoojung the best of luck on her recovery!

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