7 GOT7 And BTS Interactions That Will Make You Believe In GOTBANG

Idols are busy and hard working. They have little to no time for friends and family. But sometimes, because of common schedules, chart shows, or award ceremonies, groups get to interact with each other unscripted. These are the moments when fans get to see their idols’ seemingly normal side – just people being friends and hanging out. While there are many idols and groups who are close, this time we’ll take a closer look at the glorious friendship between two of the hottest male groups of the moment: GOT7 and BTS.

BTS having debuted in 2013 and GOT7 in 2014, their schedules overlap quite often, resulting in the most precious cross-group interactions. Performances, competitions, or random encounters – these are the most memorable GOT7 x BTS or GOTBANG interactions that have at least some iGOT7s and ARMYs believing in a world where a fandom called iGOTARMY exists.

1. Fanboying over each other

Whenever one of the two groups happens to be in the audience while the other one is performing, things get a little… well let’s call it relatable. There was sit-dancing for entire performances, random dabbing, and just uncontrollable waving of arms and mouthing of lyrics. All of this has happened.

The most recent example: Jackson and BamBam struggling to contain their inner fanboys during BTS’s performance at the 2016 MAMA.

But that’s not all – they couldn’t handle their admiration for each other on many other occasions. More than once, members of both groups ended up cheering each other’s names, singing their respective songs, or dancing each other’s choreography. Probably the most accurate display of all of the above is their encounter on “5 Minute Delay,” where groups react to their performances on “Music Core.” There was shouting. There was cheering. It was beautiful.

2. Stage interactions

When GOT7 and BTS meet on stage, there are greetings, hugs, and sometimes, probably when the planets are aligned in a certain mysterious way, a magic mixture of dancing, laughing, and fooling around. Legend has it that 2015 MBC Gayo Daejejun was one of those dates. It featured dancing Taehyung and JB, a shy Jimin, and in the background, the entirety of GOT7 and BTS. Add fancy suits and “Uptown Funk” and you have one of the best GOTBANG moments to date.

3. The legendary 2015 MAMA special stage iGOT7s and ARMYs will remember forever

It was powerful, it was badass, it was 14 dancing machines — aka VIRTUAL BOYS — and people were screaming their lungs out. The dance performance featuring all 14 members only lasted about two minutes, but the fact that people are still talking about it more than one year later shows that what happened in these two minutes is very much worth your attention.

4. Idol Olympics

Of course when talking about GOTBANG interactions, we can’t skip their encounters at the annual Idol Star Athletics Championships. From sitting together and goofing around to giving us amazingly mischievous reactions when someone (looking at no one in particular, Jackson) misses in archery, the whole image seems as if they weren’t two separate groups but one super group with 14 members.

5. The Rapson love/hate relationship

It seems as if an essential theme in this relationship between Rapmon and Jackson is low key dissing each other, from the backstage interview at the 2015 MAMA that’s basically just them teasing each other to the fact that they even created their ship name Rapson themselves (yes, seriously). There seems to be quite some emotional potential, at least on Jackson’s side, and trust us, if someone made a TV drama out of this, we’d watch it even before English subs.

6. The magical thing that is Yugyeom and Jungkook’s bromance

If we didn’t know any better, we would think this was scripted. The golden Maknae and The evil Maknae. Kookie and Yugi. JK and YG. Nochu and Hit the Stage. The two ’97 liners have been spotted around town on several occasions. Jungkook actually explained on screen that Yugyeom is his closest idol friend. He even mentioned Yugyeom (and BamBam) in the thank you notes of the “You Never Walk Alone” album – long story short: if you don’t love this bromance by now, you might as well be a rock. Time will tell if this is a match made in heaven or if it will result in terror for the other members and despair for all fangirls and fanboys.

7. Hidden interactions

We’ll probably never know more about these because, YES and THANK GOD, idols do have a private life. There were certain incidents where GOT7 and BTS members talked about calling each other or even did call each other on air. We hope this is just the tip of the iceberg and their friendships sail happily into the sunset.


Jungkook, J-Hope, and BamBam doing… well… uhm…

Okay, we know this might be a little over the top. Still, iGOTARMY is out there hoping, waiting, and wishing (read with dramatic pauses). Both groups are currently very busy blessing fans around the globe with promotions, but maybe, just maybe, there will be some GOTBANG magic in the near future.

Stay tuned for some more idol interactions featuring EXO, SHINee, SEVENTEEN, Amber, and many more!

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