2PM’s Jun.K Begins Physical Rehab Following Injury Diagnosis

On March 17, 2PM’s Jun.K posted a video on his Instagram with the captions, “I’m starting rehabilitation exercise after being discharged from hospital.”

In the video, Jun.K is wearing a cast on his right arm, and appears to be doing stretching and strengthening exercises.

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퇴원 후 재활운동을 시작해요 �de42

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Jun.K suffered an accident on February 26 during a 2PM concert, in which he fell down from the stage. He fractured his elbow and his finger, and was admitted to hospital.

At the time, JYP Entertainment said, “We apologize sincerely as the management company, and we will do our best for something like this never to happen again.”

We wish Jun.K the best of luck on the rest of his recovery!

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