MONSTA X Announces Opening Of Their Very Own Official Website

What is that? Monbebes have a new favorite website?

On March 17, MONSTA X revealed the exciting news that they have finally launched their new official website! In a video, the casually dressed members made the announcement as they cheered along.

As of now, the website consists of the members’ profiles, the group’s schedule, links to their videos, and most importantly, their very own site, that can also be accessed by international fans as well. The site also has semi-language support for English, Japanese, and Chinese, and is not just in Korean.

Along with this, MONSTA X now also has an official phone app that corresponds with the website as well, which is available both on the Apple store and Google Play store. Check out their website here!

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will be making their comeback on March 21, with the release of their first full album “The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter .”

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