Lee Guk Joo Reveals Intention To Take Action Against Malicious Commenters

Comedian Lee Guk Joo expressed her intention to take action against defamers.

On March 18, she uploaded a screenshot of extremely offensive comments that were directed at her. Some of the comments were, “Even if I were paid a lot, I wouldn’t [kiss] a pig like her,” “Kissing a pig’s head~,” and “If anyone asks what the epitome of capitalism is, tell them to look at Sleepy.”

The comments were talking about the latest episode of “We Got Married,” in which Sleepy gave Lee Guk Joo a peck on the cheek.

Along with the screenshot, Lee Guk Joo wrote, “You guys must be really good-looking, huh? Even if you gave me a billion won, I wouldn’t [kiss] any of you either. Worry about yourselves before you worry about Sleepy. I’m sorry, but I’m taking screenshots of all of these. Don’t worry, fans of Sleepy, I won’t get hurt, but I won’t sit still either. Look forward [to what I do].”

Meanwhile, the Instagram post with the screenshot has been deleted.

Watch the full episode of this week’s “We Got Married” below!

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