Teen Top Announces Plans To Return As A 5-Member Group

Teen Top is returning to the music industry soon as a five-member group!

On March 20, Teen Top’s agency TOP Media released the news through their official website. They wrote that Teen Top will be preparing to comeback with their second album with members C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo.

The agency said, “We have been delaying the release of their album because of the members’ wishes for L.Joe to promote together with the group. However, after L.Joe’s decision to no longer participate in Teen Top’s album promotions, we realized that continuing to delay the comeback is hurting the other five members. After long discussions with the members, we have come to this decision [to comeback as a five member group].”

In conclusion, the agency added, “We will let you know of the plans for their second album as soon as we can.”

Are you excited to hear new music from the group?

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