Minzy To Include Her First Self-Composed Song In Solo Debut Album

Gong Minzy, previously a member of legendary girl group 2NE1, revealed some details about her upcoming solo album.

Music Works, Gong Minzy’s management company, said on March 20, “Gong Minzy is focusing on getting ready for her solo debut album with the goal of releasing it in April.” They added, “The solo debut album will be a mini album, and we are currently in the process of choosing the title song.”

Music Works also said, “This solo album will also contain Gong Minzy’s first self-composed song. Not only that, but she participated in many parts of this album’s production, so we expect that she will show a more mature side to herself.” They also asked of the fans, “Since this is the first album she is releasing [as a solo artist], she is working her hardest, so please show her a lot of support.”

Meanwhile, Gong Minzy debuted as a 2NE1 member in 2009 and left the group last year. Since then, she has signed with Music Works and is pursuing a career as a solo artist.

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