Highlight Talks About Wanting BEAST To Remain A Beautiful Memory And About Cube Entertainment

On March 20, at the press conference before their “debut” showcase, Highlight talked about why they changed their name and if they have any regrets or negative emotions toward their former management agency, Cube Entertainment.

Leader Yoon Doo Joon stated, “It is unfortunate that we ended up going in a different direction because we wanted to protect the name that we had carried with us over the years; however, we couldn’t do that because we could not come to an agreement with our former agency. We decided, in the end, to start anew under Highlight because we felt that, if we dragged this on any longer, we wouldn’t be able to meet our fans for a very long time.”

Yang Yoseob continued, “It’s not that it would have been impossible [to legally attain the rights to BEAST] but it was the question of when that worried us the most. We were able to make that decision because we truly believed that our fans loved the five of us, not our group name.”

Yong Junhyung clarified, “We do not have any negative sentiments towards anyone,” and Yoon Doo Joon continued, “Cube Entertainment is an important driving force behind our current promotions. We have agreed to help each other from now on and there are no negative sentiments between us.”

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Furthermore, Yang Yoseob talked about how the group had once jokingly discussed what they would do if they were suddenly given permission to use their former group name once again.

The singer said, “Although the name BEAST is far more well-known currently, there are so many fans who used a lot of their money to tell the world that our group name is now Highlight. So, we will continue to promote as Highlight, even if we were given the chance to use our former group name.”

He continued, “We want BEAST to forever remain a beautiful memory for us.”

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Meanwhile, the group released the MV for their title track “Plz don’t be sad” earlier today and will also be broadcasting their “debut” showcase live on Naver’s V Live for fans who will not be able to attend in person.

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