GOT7’s Jackson Extends Hiatus For Health Reasons

GOT7’s agency JYP Entertainment has shared an update on the condition of member Jackson.

On March 20, the agency posted the following message on GOT7’s fan cafe:

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We are writing to inform you that Jackson, who was planned to be taking a break until March 19, will be extending his break and will be unable to take part in the schedule today (March 20).

In regards to the ‘Genie School Attack’ event today, it was difficult to provide this information in advance due to the nature of the event, and so we ask for your understanding. We will let fans know as soon as a concrete time has been decided upon for his return.

We are sincerely sorry to be informing fans of this unfortunate news. Jackson is taking a rest and focusing on taking care of his health, and we will do everything we can for his recovery.

Thank you.”

Jackson has been on hiatus to focus on his health since March 11, when he appeared to be ill at a fan meeting. His agency had originally announced that his break would last until March 19.

Meanwhile, GOT7 is currently promoting their new mini album “Flight Log: Arrival” and its title track “Never Ever.” It is not yet known whether Jackson will be able to join in the group’s promotions on this week’s music shows.

Get well soon, Jackson!

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