BTOB Celebrates 5th Debut Anniversary

BTOB is now five years old!

The popular group made their debut on March 21 of 2012 by performing officially for the first time at their showcase, and has since released ten Korean mini albums and one full album. They most recently put out their new mini album “Feel’eM,” which features their hit title track “Movie.”

On March 21 at midnight KST, Cube Entertainment posted an anniversary poster to celebrate the group’s big day.

The official Twitter for BTOB also tweeted out, “Congratulations to BTOB on their 5th anniversary.” They added the hashtag in Korean, “Fifth spring with BTOB,” which is currently trending No. 2 on Twitter in Korea.

BTOB member Minhyuk posted to Instagram to thank fans and express his love! He even tagged all the members on his uploaded image.

Changsub also posted a video to his Instagram in which he says, “Congratulations on the 5th anniversary, Melody! Let’s be together for a really, really long time. Congrats!”.

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Happy anniversary, BTOB and Melody!