tvN’s “Drinking Solo” Secures New PD And Reveals Plans For Upcoming Second Season

tvN’s second season of “Drinking Solo” will be headed by a new producer.

A source from “Drinking Solo” released the news on March 21, saying, “We are preparing to air the second season sometime during the second half of the year. Han Sung Jae, who was the PD for ‘Rude Miss Young Ae‘ seasons 8-15, will be heading the drama.”

The source also stated that while the PD for the second season is set to be replaced, the writer from the first season will not be replaced. “We are currently in talks with the actors who appeared in the first season,” the source added.

Meanwhile, the first season of “Drinking Solo” stars Ha Seok Jin, Park Ha Sun, Gong Myung, SHINee’s Key, and more!

Catch the first episode below:

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