MONSTA X Names Which Members Look Even Better Than Before For This Comeback

Group MONSTA X were hyping each other up ahead of their comeback with “Beautiful”!

On March 21, five of the seven members of MONSTA X hosted a countdown broadcast on Naver’s V Live before their new album was released, and said they couldn’t reveal Jooheon and Kihyun’s new looks before their comeback show.

Monsta X

Minhyuk said, “We’ve hidden Jooheon and Kihyun on purpose because they’ve gone through such a huge change in their looks. Jooheon in particular became so much more cool. You can check it out for yourself during the show later.”

While complimenting each other on their looks later on, the guys kept hyping up Jooheon’s new style, and said fans would be really shocked.

MONSTA X has since released their new album, featuring the title track “Beautiful”!

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