Interview: ASTRO Picks a New Leader, Super Powers, and More

Just a couple of weeks ago, ASTRO was in Singapore for their “ASTRO THE 1st SHOWCASE IN SINGAPORE” fan meeting. Before they took the stage (and everyone’s hearts), they sat down with us for an interview!

This interview was extra special, as we were able to ask the group questions that fans like you sent to us on Twitter using the hashtag #AskASTRO! We received so many questions that it was nearly impossible to narrow them down, but we tried to include as many as possible.

So, who would JinJin appoint to be leader in his stead? Which super power does MJ want? And which member loves Justin Bieber? All will be revealed below, enjoy:

Did your question make it into the interview? Let us know below!

Special thank you to MyMusicTaste for the invitation to cover the wonderful event!