Highlight Continues To Dominate Music Charts With “Plz don’t be sad”

As of 11:30 a.m. KST, Highlight has topped six of the eight major music charts in Korea with their title track “Plz don’t be sad.”

Their success on the charts is wiping away any concerns or anxieties about the group starting anew as Highlight, as they continues to be acknowledged as a group that people ‘trust to be good before even listening.’ Furthermore, Highlight has become the first male idol group in 2017 to have secured the No.1 slot on Melon’s standard weekly chart.

Highlight’s Yang Yoseob celebrated the group’s achievements with an Instagram post that says both, “I’m so happy because there are a lot of No.1’s,” and “I’m so happy because I have a lot of work,” as ‘il’ means both ‘work’ and ‘one’ in Korean.

1이 많아서 좋다.

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Highlight’s Lee Gi Kwang posted a photo as well with a similar word play and said, “A swollen Gwang-gu going to work,” but replaced work with the number one to celebrate the group’s music chart success.

1하러가는 퉁퉁 부은 광9�de36

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Meanwhile, the group held their “debut” showcase on March 20 and talked about how they were able to come to the decision to start anew under a different group name. Plus, the group talked about how they were able to stay together as a team through difficult times. The group will be making their official television broadcast comeback through this week’s “M!Countdown.”

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