SECHSKIES To Release A Comeback Album With Brand New Songs

Veteran idol group SECHSKIES will be releasing a new album with brand new songs!

To celebrate their 20th debut anniversary, the group will be coming back with a full-length album on April 15, which is the date that SECHSKIES debuted with their first album back in 1997.

The members have been preparing for this album since the end of last year, and some of the songs included in the album have already been recorded. According to sources on March 21, the album will include songs from a wide spectrum of genres such as dance and ballad.

This album is much more meaningful to SECHSKIES since it is their first original album after reuniting last year. After they joined YG Entertainment, the group released an album full of remakes of their past hit songs. In order to make it up to fans, SECHSKIES’ new album will be filled completely new songs and will surely satisfy the fans’ long-waited wishes.

SECHSKIES is also planning a concert to celebrate their 20th debut anniversary. It is very likely that they will perform one of their new songs during this concert as well.

While the exact date of the anniversary concert has not yet been decided, the members have told the fans previously, “We will give back to the fans by holding a 20th debut anniversary concert for sure,” so the fans know that it will be held sometime around the group’s debut date.

Meanwhile, SECHSKIES will be heading to Hawaii at the beginning of next month for a photo shoot to start off their promotions.

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