Update: Oh My Girl Releases Album Preview For “Coloring Book”

Update March 30 KST:

After releasing their MV teaser yesterday, Oh My Girl has now given fans a listen to a clip of each track on their upcoming mini album!

Update March 28 KST:

Oh My Girl has continued their second dreamy concept with a set of individual teaser photos!

Updated March 27 KST:

With a week left till the release of their fourth mini album, Oh My Girl has released another teaser image to give fans a glimpse of what we can expect from the group.

Their official Twitter account released the image on March 27, and it shows the members sitting on clouds, wearing outfits that blend well with their surroundings other than the ribbons tied in their hair. The new outfits are a little different from the bright and colorful outfits from their previous teasers, and it will be interesting to see what will come next from these girls!

Updated March 26 KST:

Oh My Girl has now given us some more details about their upcoming fourth mini album! There will be five songs in total on the mini album, including their title track “Coloring Book.”

Updated March 25 KST: 

Oh My Girl looks ready for spring in their new individual teasers!

On their official Twitter account, the girl group released teaser images of all the members, with the exception of JinE who will not be participating in this comeback due to health issues, dressed in elaborate flowery costumes.

Oh My Girl will drop their fourth mini album, “Coloring Book,” on April 3.

Updated March 24 KST:

Oh My Girl has shared a new teaser image ahead of their comeback with their fourth mini album “Coloring Book”!

The girls are wearing bright-colored outfits that are reminiscent of flowers blooming in spring, and goes well with their overall concept.

Check out the teaser image, as well the illustration video they shared.


Oh My Girl has gifted fans with the first glimpse of their concept for their comeback, which seems perfect for spring!

On March 23, the group shared their first teasers for their fourth mini album “Coloring Book,” which is due out on April 3. Their first group teaser photo features the members against a whimsical, coloring book-inspired background!

They also shared a video that shows an illustration of a book and features the sounds of a guitar strumming, as well as the calming noises of birds, a stream, and a breeze, in addition to a hint of some quiet singing towards the end.

The book that is shown in the video’s illustration has a bookmark with the text “Color of Love,” which may be a hint at an upcoming song title!

Check it out below.

Oh My Girl will be making a comeback as a seven-member group without member JinE, who is resting due to health issues.

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