Watch: KNK Teaches Highlight How To Be Successful Rookies In “Weekly Idol” Preview

KNK will become teachers to “rookie group” Highlight on MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” next week!

In a preview for the upcoming broadcast, the group KNK gives the members of Highlight some tips on how to survive in the music industry. This can be seen as quite ironic since it has only been a year since KNK debuted, while the members of Highlight are actually K-pop veterans who promoted as BEAST for the past nine years.

Nevertheless, the preview shows both groups having fun while KNK gives Highlight advice on how to look cute and fresh. A few members of Highlight then shamelessly respond with cute antics that leave both their fellow members and their teachers KNK visibly shocked.

Check out the preview below and watch the episode when it airs on March 29!