SEVENTEEN’s Agency Addresses Rumors About A Controversial Note To A Fan

SEVENTEEN’s agency has opened up about a rumor that has been spreading throughout the Internet.

The rumor began when a photo that was taken at a fan signing event for an idol group was posted on an online community. The photo showed a post-it note that contained a fan’s question of “What am I to you?” Below the question, the words ‘Source of income’ were written on the note.

Later, when the source of the note was allegedly found to be from a SEVENTEEN fan signing event, Pledis Entertainment released an official statement on the issue.

On March 23, Pledis released a statement on Twitter, saying, “We think that a rash story about an unconfirmed situation is spreading within the fandom, so we are carefully releasing this statement. You all know that the SEVENTEEN members do not take the relationship they have with their fans for granted. We hope that you don’t forget that the members cherish Carats more than anyone else.”

They continued to dismiss the rumors, saying, “We hope that fans who are walking alongside SEVENTEEN will not get hurt.”

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