Watch: GOT7 Takes 3rd Win For “Never Ever” On “M!Countdown,” Performances By CNBLUE, Highlight, MONSTA X, PRISTIN, And More

March 23’s episode of “M!Countdown” was full of great performances, much-anticipated comebacks, a new girl group’s debut, and more!

GOT7’s “Never Ever” and GFRIEND’s “Fingertip” were both nominated for first place this week. GOT7 ended up taking the win with a total score of 7976, while GFRIEND was came in second with a score of 7253.

This is GOT7’s third win for “Never Ever,” following their wins on SBS MTV’s “The Show” and MBC’s “Show! Champion.” The members thanked their JYP family and also gave a shoutout to Jackson, who is currently resting.

Watch their performance, win, and encore below!

GOT7 – “Never Ever”

This week featured the debut of Pledis Entertainment’s new girl group, PRISTIN, showcasing two different styles of cute and femme fatale.

PRISTIN – “Black Widow”

PRISTIN – “Wee Woo”

CNBLUE, Highlight, and MONSTA X all made comebacks this week, showcasing their unique styles and a great selection of music!

CNBLUE – “It’s you”

CNBLUE – “Between Us”

Highlight – “It’s Still Beautiful”

Highlight – “Plz don’t be sad”

MONSTA X – “Ready or Not”

MONSTA X – “Beautiful”

There were also performances by gugudan, Lovelyz, LipBubble, B.A.P, BTOB, VICTON, Seven O’Clock, MVP, GFRIEND, and J-Min.

Check out many of them below!

Lovelyz – “Wow!”

B.A.P – “We Make Up”

BTOB – “Movie”

GFRIEND – “Fingertip”

J-Min – “Alive”

Congratulations to GOT7!

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