FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Triumphantly Returns To Stage For “Duet Song Festival”

Charismatic vocal Lee Hong Ki will soon be returning to the stage for MBC’s show “Duet Song Festival!”

FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki will be making his appearance on the March 24 episode of the singing competition show as a 10-year veteran of the music industry. He will be returning to greet his fans who have been waiting for a long time. He reveals, “I want to show everyone that I have not yet retired.”

During the recording, Lee Hong Ki draws even more attention for the fact that he chooses to not sing a rock song. Instead, he sings a ballad, showcasing a vocal prowess that has not yet been shown before. Sung Si Kyung compliments his singing, saying, “Even when you come across a difficult song, you can sing it with stability.”

He appears on the show alongside other powerhouse vocalists, such as Rose Motel, Lyn, Apink’s Jung Eun Ji, Eric Nam, Tim, and the Barbarettes.

Check out the last episode of the show on Viki here below!

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