Former Rhythmic Gymnast Son Yeon Jae Takes Legal Action Against Netizens

According to a statement made on March 24 from the Seoul Gwangjin Police Station, former rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae charged 40 netizens for defamation on March 14.

A source from the police station stated, “We are still in the process of investigating. We have finished questioning some of the suspects.”

Son Yeon Jae’s management agency, GalaxiaSM, released a short statement saying, “Son Yeon Jae decided to take legal action against netizens for defamation. It got to a point where it is too difficult to even mention the contents of the slanderous comments.”

Son Yeon Jae announced her retirement from rhythmic gymnastics earlier this year and held a press conference in March about her retirement where she talked about the negative comments she had to face during her career.

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