Suzy Reveals What She’s Currently Watching And Talks About Growing As An Actress

Singer-turned-actress Suzy shows off her growing beauty in a recent InStyle magazine pictorial, which was taken when she was in Milano for Fendi’s 2017 F/W collection show.

The fashion shoot took place at a house in the middle of Milano, and showcases Suzy’s mature beauty and feminine style that is perfectly complemented by her classy outfits.

She also sat down with the magazine to talk about her habits at home, saying, “When I’m at home by myself, I watch a lot of TV. I like ‘My Ugly Duckling,’ ‘High School Rapper,’ ‘Newlywed Diary,’ and ‘Radio Star,'” cutely revealing that she is quite the TV addict.

Suzy also talked about her growth as an actress, confessing, “Acting is always hard. Whenever I finish filming, it always feels like I’m going through puberty. I’ve realized that I’ve come to enjoy this, though it had brought me much pain at first.”

Continuing, she revealed, “Before, I would just stare straight ahead and run towards my goal. But these days, I think its become more important to me that I look around and find my happiness in the little things.”

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