Highlight Goes Camping For Their First “Big 3” National Network Variety Show Appearance As A Group

Idol group Highlight will soon be making their first appearance on a national network variety show as a group, and are set to share a lot of unique camping tips along the way!

Highlight will be appearing on the March 25 episode of the MBC show “My Little Television” to go camping together to show off their teamwork.

It was revealed that the member who goes camping the most was Yoon Doo Joon. Highlight shared unique and useful tips for camping, such as the best tools to easily cook chicken barbecue and how to cook ramen noodles without a fire.

Highlight also took time to communicate with the viewers in the chat box, who gave suggestions to the “new” idol group on how to have an idol-esque greeting style.

The group also played their newest track “Plz don’t be sad” from their new mini album “Can you feel it?” and wowed with their perfect choreography.

Their appearance will air on “My Little Television” on March 25 on MBC at 11:15 p.m. KST.

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