Update: IU And Oh Hyuk Joke Around In Teaser Video For Collaboration, “Can’t Love You Anymore”

Updated April 6 KST:

IU has shared a fun teaser video for “Can’t Love You Anymore,” her upcoming collaboration with Hyukoh’s Oh Hyuk.

The video shows the two sitting comfortably at a table as IU tries to convince Hyuk Oh to say, “Please give ‘Can’t Love You Anymore’ lots of love.” When she asks if he can do it, Oh Hyuk says no but can’t explain why, seeming to be too shy to go along with her plan.

They bargain until IU says it’s okay for him to just say, “Please give,” but when it comes time to do it, Oh Hyuk is still too shy. The duo seem to be very comfortable with each other and joke around like really close friends. The video ends with a very short snippet of the new song.

Check out the video and let us know what you think! Are you loving this pairing of IU and Oh Hyuk?

Updated April 4 KST:

IU has now shared an album cover photo for her upcoming pre-release track with Hyukoh’s Oh Hyuk! Their song is due out on April 7 at 6 p.m. KST.

Original Article: 

IU has revealed that the second pre-release track for her upcoming fourth album will be her collaboration with Hyukoh’s Oh Hyuk.

On March 25, IU made the announcement on her fansite and stated, “The second pre-release track will have a completely different feel from ‘Through the Night.’ This is a new challenge for me. It’s not a dance track, but it’s a sound that I haven’t used that much before.”

She continued to reveal that the track will feature Oh Hyuk, who has a vocal tone she really likes. IU added, “It’s a bittersweet moment now that I’m sharing the results of my work that I have in my hands. I hope to be consistent and keep doing my best till the end.”

We can’t wait to hear the upcoming track, which will be released on April 7!

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