IU Tops The Charts With Certified All-Kill For “Through The Night”

IU has grabbed a “certified all-kill” for her new pre-release track!

The songstress released her new song “Through the Night” on March 24, which is a pre-release track for her upcoming album that is due out on April 21. The track quickly achieved a realtime all-kill by taking the top spot on all eight major realtime charts.

As of March 26 at 12:30 a.m. KST, IU turned her realtime all-kill into a certified all-kill by topping not only the realtime charts but also all eight daily charts and the iChart realtime chart.

In order to grab what is called a “perfect all-kill,” IU’s new song will also need to take the top spot on iChart’s weekly chart.

We’ve still got more to look forward to as we wait for IU’s new album, because she will be releasing a second pre-release track featuring Oh Hyuk on April 7!

Congrats on the huge success with “Through the Night,” IU!