VICTON Members Are The Most Nervous And Relatable Fanboys As They Meet Their Idols Highlight Backstage

On March 25, VICTON went live to share a huge moment with their fans as they met their role models, Highlight!

VICTON is a rookie group under Plan A Entertainment that made their debut last November and recently made a comeback with their mini album “Ready” featuring the title track “EYEZ EYEZ.” The guys have often mentioned their love and respect for Highlight (formerly BEAST), who also recently released their new mini album “Can You Feel It?” and its chart-topping title track “Plz Don’t Be Sad.”

Since the two groups are promoting at the same time, VICTON got the chance to introduce themselves to their role models on March 25 backstage at “Music Core”! VICTON turned on a V Live broadcast to take fans along with them as they first nervously waited outside Highlight’s dressing room.

Heochan and Hanse seemed particularly nervous, with Heochan clutching one of their new mini albums that the guys had signed, and which included a long letter he’d written inside. As VICTON waited anxiously in a line in the hallway, Byungchan said he was speechless, and Hanse commented, “I’m so nervous. I think this is the most nervous I’ve been since we debuted.” 

Seungshik added, “I knew this day was going to come at some point, but I’m so anxious. Is it just me?” Sejun replied, “No, I think I’m going to faint!”

Meanwhile, Heochan seemed to get more and more frozen with nerves as the seconds ticked by, and the guys tried to come up with what they were going to say to Highlight, wondering if they should tell them, “We love you.”

As they listened to other groups introducing themselves, Sejun said his stomach hurt, and Heochan tried to escape to the end of the line, but his fellow members sent him to the front despite not being the leader, because it was “his spot today.” They then were told it was time to head in, and so they anxiously approached the room, with Heochan pointing out the “Highlight” sign on the door to fans.

When they entered the dressing room, Highlight kindly welcomed them and VICTON each introduced themselves before Highlight did their own self-intros. Highlight joked that Son Dongwoon is their group’s resident magician, and he showed off one of his magic tricks for everyone. “My advice for VICTON would be to have a group magician that works hard,” joked Yang Yoseob.

Lee Gi Kwang told VICTON that they’d enjoyed watching their performances, and Heochan then got the chance to hand over their mini album. Heochan said nervously, “We’ve really respected you ever since we were trainees. Whenever we had evaluations, we’d do your songs, and cover them whenever you released new albums.” He also added, “Thank you for making music. Your songs are so great. They give me strength.”

Highlight cheered on VICTON in return and gave them one of their own mini albums (complete with a fire trick by Son Dongwoon as they handed it over), before the two groups took a group photo together! VICTON later uploaded the photo to their group Twitter account.

You can watch the full broadcast here!

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