Watch: Girl’s Day Gives Sneak Peek Of New Comeback Song And Dance On “Ask Us Anything”

Are you excited for Girl’s Day’s comeback yet?

When Girl’s Day appeared on the March 25 episode of “Ask Us Anything,” the girls awarded a special prize to Kim Heechul (and their fans!).

For the prize, they set up Kim Heechul with their fan merchandise, including a banner, and sat him facing away from the classroom. They then announced that they would be revealing a sneak peek of their upcoming comeback song, “I’ll Be Yours,” for the first time ever.

Although Kim Heechul can’t see most of the performance, Girl’s Day performs a little of their new choreography and song. Eventually Kim Heechul gets his prize after all as the girls give him some special fan service as part of the dance.

Watch the sneak peek below!