“Tunnel” Achieves Highest Ratings For First Episode Of Drama Aired On OCN

OCN’s new weekend drama “Tunnel” has gotten off to a good start!

According to the results from Nielsen Korea on March 26, the first episode of “Tunnel” recorded a national average of 2.8 percent in ratings and a 3.7 at its highest point. This is also the highest rating for a first episode of a OCN drama.

The first episode of “Tunnel” focused on the story of detective Park Kwang Ho (played by Choi Jin Hyuk). He was in charge of a serial murder case and ended up getting hit with a stone, losing consciousness inside a tunnel.

After the first episode aired, there were varying reactions from the viewers. Some said that the storyline was not very original as the time-traveling concept has become a popular theme in recent dramas, but most of the reactions were positive and the viewers wanted to continue watching it.

What are your thoughts on the first episode of “Tunnel”?

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