Update: DreamCatcher Releases Both Breathtaking And Eerie Images For “Fall Asleep In The Mirror”

Updated March 29 KST:

DreamCatcher has rounded off their latest set of teaser images for their comeback with photos for members SuA and Gahyeon, as well as two group photos! Once again, the photos feature both a dark and slightly spooky concept as well as a vintage-inspired, springtime look.

Updated March 28 KST:

DreamCatcher has now shared teaser images for members JiU, Handong, and Dami!


Original Article: 

DreamCatcher’s Siyeon and Yoohyeon are rocking two very different concepts for their upcoming single!

The girl group previously released two sets of both group and individual teaser images, including a light “white” set of photos and a batch of dark “black” teaser images.

On March 27 at midnight KST, they began releasing more individual teaser images from a new set, with Siyeon and Yoohyeon up first to take on both an evocative vintage concept and a more modern, edgy look. Check out their teaser images below!

DreamCatcher’s second single “Fall Asleep in the Mirror” will be released on April 5 at 6 p.m. KST.