Watch: Girl’s Day Members Are Powerful Divas In MV For “I’ll Be Yours”

Girl’s Day is back with “I’ll Be Yours”!

“I’ll Be Yours” is rhythmic track with a jazzy brass sound, and Minah’s soulful voice in the chorus is very impressive.

In the music video, Minah leads a man down a hotel aisle, and she gives him one of her shoes in the classic Cinderella style. Hyeri is dressed in a white dress at a boxing ring, and she watches as men fight each other over her. Contrary to the way she’s dressed, she’s a fierce boxer as she brings down the last surviving man. Yura plays the piano so passionately that she sets it on fire, and Sojin has men gawking as she puts on some fishnet stockings.

Watch the music video below!