Park Bo Young Rejects Sponsorship From Luxury Clothing Brands For “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”

As “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” continues to rise in popularity, more and more attention is being drawn to Park Bo Young’s unique fashion in the drama.

The actress’s agency stated that Park Bo Young has been paying close attention to her character’s attire to accurately express her personality.

In the drama, Do Bong Soon is usually seen wearing many layers of clothes that are very colorful and cute. And since her character is required to do many stunts, the coordinating team and Park Bo Young decided that her character should often wear pants rather than skirts, which are usually matched with small hanging purses.

The agency revealed, “Before filming of ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ began, Park Bo Young went to Busan’s international market and got a hold of many outfits. All the clothes were then reformed to match Park Bo Young’s body, and the stylists mixed and matched their own items with the outfits. Hence, Do Bong Soon’s unique style was created.”

The drama’s popularity has been skyrocketing these days and requests to sponsor the drama have increased. Due to Park Bo Young’s unique clothes, some fashion professionals even asked about the brands of the character’s clothes, but the simple fact is that many of the pieces are from a market.

Although many luxury brands are offering to sponsor Park Bo Young’s clothes in the drama, the actress and stylists are turning them down to stay true to Do Bong Soon’s personality and charms.

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