Im Siwan Explains How His Acting Changed Over The Years

During an interview for his upcoming film “One Line,” Im Siwan talked about his efforts to improve his acting.

The actor shared some thoughts on his acting in the past. He confessed, “I always felt disappointed after watching my projects. I noticed that my acting lacked in a lot of ways, and there were many times when I felt like I could’ve done better.”

When asked about the changes he had made to his acting, Im Siwan responded that he learned how to relax and be more flexible. He admitted that he let go of his tendency to show up on set perfectly ready. Making an analogy to a drawing, he explained that instead of standing in front of the camera after coloring in the whole picture, he now leaves the picture at a sketch and fills in the details while acting.

He continued, “In the past, my acting was quite forced. I put into every line more meaning than I had to. It was excessive and even seemed a bit fake at times. I tried to think of ways to fix these flaws, and it was during this process that I was able to grow.”

Im Siwan challenged himself with ad-libs for his latest project. He proudly talked about his spontaneous lines for one of his scenes in “One Line.” He revealed, “I would’ve panicked in the past, but through this scene, I was able to show good results for the first time since changing my way of acting.”

The actor further revealed, “I felt a lot less stressed while filming ‘One Line’ compared to when I filmed ‘Thinking of My Brother.’ I also got more comfortable with my way of thinking. In the past, I tried really hard to draw a line between the ‘real Im Siwan’ and the ‘celebrity Im Siwan,’ but I let it go now. Instead of molding myself into a fixed frame, I tell myself that I am worthy of love as long as I maintain a bright and healthy mindset.”

Meanwhile, Im Siwan’s film “One Line” will premiere on March 29, and his upcoming drama “The King Loves” will air in July.

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