Kang Hye Jung Reveals Whether She Would Let Haru Become An Actress

Actress Kang Hye Jung sat down for an interview and talked about her husband Tablo and their daughter Haru.

When asked what she would do if Haru were to pursue a career in acting, Kang Hye Jung responded, “It’s a very charming profession. It’s good to have a stable occupation, of course, but acting is an addictive yet difficult career path. I don’t regret becoming an actress, but there were times when the job didn’t fit with my personality.”

Kang Hye Jung also dished on the details of her marriage life. “I’ve always been close to my husband. These days, after putting Haru to sleep, the two of us have a lot of fun chattering away while eating chicken and drinking beer or soda. If we don’t do this, my soul feels empty. It’s true that you gain weight after you get married. In the past, we expressed our love through physical contact, but we use a bit of force now (laughs). Tablo is a very fun and odd person,” she revealed.

The actress then shyly confessed that 99.9 percent of her happiness comes from Haru and Tablo. “I think protecting something is happiness itself. Whether it’s protecting family, friends, or loved ones, this is the driving force of happiness. It’s precious and worthwhile. I discovered what I need to protect, and I became grateful for my relationships. I think it’s important to protect all these things,” she shared.

Aren’t Kang Hye Jung, Tablo, and Haru a lovely family?

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