Fans Of INFINITE’s Hoya Prepare Thoughtful Donation To Celebrate His Birthday

INFINITE fans recently donated funds to help children with hearing impairments, just in time for member Hoya’s birthday on March 28!

According to the welfare organization Soree, INFINITE member Hoya’s fan club Hear, Ho raised and donated 3 million won (approximately $2,700) in his name on March 28. Soree is an organization that provides implanted cochlear aids and hearing aids for the deaf.

The money will go towards helping low-income families who cannot receive treatment due to their difficult economic situation. The children will now be able to receive language rehabilitation therapy thanks to the fans’ donations. Hear, Ho has continuously been donating money to help these children for many years now.

The fan club stated, “We wanted to help those who were born with hearing disabilities. As fans of a singer, we wanted to help deaf children discover sound.”

What a thoughtful idea!

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