Seo In Guk Bids Farewell To Fans With Photo Of His Military Buzz Cut

Seo In Guk entered the military today (March 28) and left a short message and photo for his fans.

Before going into the training camp that he will be staying in for five weeks, Seo In Guk delivered a message for his fans through his agency, saying, “I will be leaving your side for a bit to serve in the military, but I think two years will fly by. Please stay healthy and well, and let’s wait for our reunion to come. I think I will miss you all so much, but I will be that much happier once we meet again. I will protect our country well and come back more mature. I love you.”

On the same day, a friend of Seo In Guk posted a photo of the singer with his head shaved on Instagram.

His friend wrote, “Our 8-year friendship! Do well in the military today. I’m always supporting you. I will come visit you first. Hwaiting! You’re the man! Sad that I couldn’t be with you when you were getting your hair cut.”

Seo In Guk will be discharged on December 27, 2018.

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