Watch: BTOB Continues To Be Extra (As Usual) Behind The Scenes Of Their “Movie” Promotions

On March 27, Cube Entertainment uploaded the eleventh episode of their “Beatcom” series (Born to Beat + sitcom), which aims to show what BTOB gets up to behind-the-scenes during promotions for their last comeback, “Movie.”

The episode features everything from a sweet birthday celebration for member Peniel, to the vocal line trying to rap, and even challenging B.A.P to a rap battle (with hilarious results).

Yook Sungjae and Lee Changsub also prank their seniors and juniors backstage at music shows. Idol groups often present each other with their albums backstage, which is referred to in Korean as “spinning your CD around.” (Hint: Yook Sungjae and Lee Changsub take this very literally.)

The video ends with a backstage look at their first music show win for “Movie,” during which they gave a sweet shoutout to B.A.P as well.

Watch the episode below!