Red Velvet’s Yeri Recalls A Time When EXO And Red Velvet Members Made Her Cry

On a Naver V Live broadcast on March 27, Red Velvet’s Yeri recalled a time when she cried as a trainee.

During the broadcast, a viewer asked, “Tell us a story of when you were a trainee.” Yeri laughed and said, “This was something that happened when I was a trainee at SM. I was in sixth grade.”

She explained, “It was my birthday that day. Irene and Seulgi were there, and members of EXO were there as well. We were all trainees at the time.”

She continued, “The seniors told me to go into a dark practice room and kneel with my arms up over my head. I was so young and scared that I cried as I did what they told me to, but it turned out to be a surprise party.”

She recalled fondly, “They all came out one by one from around the dark practice room and started singing with a birthday cake. It was so much fun, and I’ll always remember it.”

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