Joo Sang Wook Pens Heartfelt Statement About His Upcoming Marriage To Cha Ye Ryun

Joo Sang Wook has opened up about his upcoming marriage to actress Cha Ye Ryun.

On March 29, Joo Sang Wook posted a photo of the couple on his personal Instagram account and wrote, “Hello, this is Joo Sang Wook. I wanted to be the one to break this exciting news to you, but news articles were published this morning about our marriage. I want to apologize for not letting you all known beforehand.”

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안녕하세요. 주상욱입니다. 이렇게 제손으로 직접 저의 떨리는 마음을 알리고싶었는데 오늘아침 결혼기사가 났네요. 먼저 알리지못한점 죄송하다는 말씀드리고싶습니다. 다들 아시다시피 공개연애를 한지 어느덧 일년이 넘었고 이제 그 결실을 맺으려합니다. 서로의 마음을 확인하기 까지 그리오랜시간이 걸리지않았고, 늘 저만을 생각하고 위해주는 그녀와 평생을 함께할수 있다는 확신이들었습니다. 이제 배우로서 한여자의남편으로서 매순간 겸손하게 최선을다해 행복을 만들어나가겠습니다. 늘 응원해주시는 여러분들께 감사하다는말씀 드리고싶고 앞으로도 많은응원과 격려 부탁드리겠습니다♡

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The actor continued to write, “As you all know, it’s been over a year since we went public with our relationship, and we are ready to tie the knot. It did not take long for us to confirm with each other our emotions, and I am confident that I want to spend the rest of my life with a person who always keeps me in her thoughts and takes care of me.”

He ended his statement with, “I will do my best to create happiness as an actor and a husband. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, and we hope to continue to receive your support and encouragement.”

Joo Sang Wook and Chae Ye Ryun met on the set of “Glamorous Temptation,” and have been publicly dating since March 2016. They plan to get married on May 25 at a hotel in Seoul.

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