VIXX’s Leo Sends Heartwarming Well Wishes To Fan Undergoing Surgery For Cancer

VIXX’s Leo cheered on a fan undergoing surgery through Twitter.

The fan had sent a Tweet to Leo, saying, “Taekwoon, I’m going in for surgery. They say it’s pancreatic cancer. They say it’s a dangerous surgery, and I’m so scared. But I’m going to try my best to be strong. They say it’s hard to overcome this, but I’m going to beat it and be a source of hope to someone else. I miss you a lot. I’m cheering you on today as always, Taekwoon.”

Leo sent a sweet message back, saying, “It’s all going to work out. I’ll pray for you.”

The fan replied, “Okay, I’ll be strong, thank you for cheering me on! Thanks to you, I got support from lots of other people as well. I have even more reason to be strong now.”

We wish her the best of luck on her surgery and the rest of her fight through this illness.

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