MONSTA X’s Jooheon Explains His Struggles With Contact Lenses

MONSTA X’s Jooheon told a funny story about his struggles with contact lenses.

On the March 29 broadcast of KBS2 Radio Cool FM’s “Lee Hong Ki’s Kiss The Radio,” MONSTA X appeared as guests. During the show, Lee Hong Ki received a message from a listener who revealed, “I heard Jooheon can’t wear contact lenses either because he’s scared or because his eyes are too small.”

Jooheon replied, “Actually, it’s both.” He said, “My eyes are too small, and I’m scared too. They’re uncomfortable so I usually wear glasses.”

However, he said he was going to challenge himself this time, explaining, “Since the title track is called ‘Beautiful,’ I told the stylist that I wanted to try them, and three of them tried to put blue contacts in my eyes for 30 minutes.” Lee Hong Ki said, “You can’t can’t keep your eyes open or what?” and to much laughter, Jooheon claimed, “Maybe it was because I was too scared, but I just kept tearing up.”

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