MONSTA X Picks Their Most “Beautiful” Member

MONSTA X appeared as a guest on the March 29 broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Lee Hong Ki’s Kiss the Radio,” where they answered various questions from their fans.

When asked to choose their most “beautiful” member, they picked Shownu. “The word ‘beautiful’ doesn’t apply only to women. Shownu’s physical appearance is beautiful, but he looks especially beautiful when he handles busy schedules without making it obvious that he’s tired,” the members revealed.

They then picked Minhyuk as the member who changed the most after debuting. “Minhyuk was reserved in the past, but he talks a lot now,” they explained.

On the same day, the members were also asked how they handled fights and arguments. “We talk it out immediately,” they answered, displaying their close friendship.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is currently promoting their title track “Beautiful.”

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