Tracks by MONSTA X And Others Deemed Unfit For Broadcast By KBS

New tracks by MONSTA X, Eyedi, and others were recently deemed inappropriate for broadcast by KBS.

On March 29, KBS’s music review board banned MONSTA X’s “Oi,” and Eyedi’s “Taste the Party,” as well as 20 other songs due to being unsuitable for broadcast.

MONSTA X’s “Oi,” which was co-written by members Wonho, Jooheon, and I.M, is one of the tracks in their newest studio album “The Clan Part 2.5 The Final Chapter .” According to KBS, this song was flagged due to the use of vulgar slang and profanity in the lyrics.

Black Music’s rookie solo-artist Eyedi also faced some obstacles with the broadcasting station as well. Her songs “Taste the Party” and “Type” was banned due to having explicitly sexual lyrics and vague homosexual references.

Likewise, seven tracks from Brand New Music’s DJ Juice were also banned by the station due to inappropriate language.

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