Watch: GOT7 Tortures JB With Love And Kisses During Punishment On “New Yang Nam Show”

GOT7 had the chance to show their leader just how much they love him during a hilarious punishment!

On the March 30 broadcast of Mnet’s “New Yang Nam Show,” GOT7 appeared on the show as guests (minus Jackson who appears to have been on hiatus at the time of filming). During one part of the show, member JB had to receive kisses from his fellow members as well as host Yang Se Hyung as a punishment.

The guys all applied bright pink lipstick before lining up excitedly to take turns in the punishment. Jinyoung went first and said, “Thank you always for being our leader,” and left a huge kiss mark on the side of JB’s face as JB yelled in protest.

Next, Yugyeom said to JB, “Our best leader Jaebeom. You know that I’m always supporting you, right?” and kissed his neck, much to JB’s horror.

Youngjae left the biggest kiss mark on JB’s forehead and Mark cutely kissed the bridge of his nose. BamBam took it to the next level and smeared his lipstick all over JB’s cheek. Lastly, host Yang Se Hyung kissed JB’s left eye as the finale of this hilarious punishment.

Watch JB’s face become covered with the members’ kisses in the video below!

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