Lee Joon Gi Shows Loyalty To His Management Agency

Actor Lee Joon Gi has decided to remain loyal to his current management agency and has renewed his contract with Namoo Actors.

Namoo Actors released a statement saying, “We will do everything we can in order to help Lee Joon Gi showcase his talents and realize his full potential.”

In order to promote his strengths and unique personality, Namoo Actors will be making changes within the agency. First, the company will be dedicating a content team for both domestic and international marketing for the actor. Furthermore, the agency is planning to create more opportunities for Lee Joon Gi to collaborate with a variety of content creators.

Lee Joon Gi last appeared in the SBS drama “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” and also in the American blockbuster film “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.”

Meanwhile, Lee Joon Gi recently appeared on tvN’s “My Ear’s Candy,” through which he revealed his home and clarified misconceptions about his personality.

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