Watch: SEVENTEEN Thinks Of Their Fans As They Sing “Smile Flower” In Nostalgic MV

As expected, SEVENTEEN’s newest music video is a tearjerker that is sure to touch the hearts of all Carats everywhere!

On April 1 at midnight KST, the group released a special music video for “Smile Flower,” a ballad from their recent “Going Seventeen” mini album.

Before the actual music starts, the video shows clips of the members expressing their thoughts about this particular song. As the composer and lyricist of the track, Woozi explains that the meaning behind the optimistic song is that even if they end up being apart, everyone should always be happy and remember to smile.

The music video then takes a trip down memory lane with clips of SEVENTEEN recording this song, practicing for their concerts, thinking about their fans on their travels, and all the way back to when they were preparing for their debut.

Check out the touching song and music video below!