GFRIEND’s SinB Reveals Which Variety Show She Really Wants To Try

On the March 31 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” GFRIEND’s SinB revealed what variety show she wants to go on.

When she was asked the question by Park So Hyun, SinB said, “I really want to go on ‘Law of the Jungle.’ I really wanted to do it in the past, but I had problems with my shoulder joint so I couldn’t.”

Park So Hyun then asked, “Do you swim well then?” and SinB confessed, “I can’t swim.” She then joked, “I heard that your bare face has to be pretty in order to be on that show.”

Park So Hyun cheered her on, saying, “You’ll be able to get on the show now that you’re of age.”

Do you think SinB would be a good fit for the show?

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