Watch: “Chicago Typewriter” Teasers Hint At Intriguing Narrative And Dysfunctional Relationships

tvN has released two new teasers that give viewers a better sense of what their upcoming drama “Chicago Typewriter” will be like.

The drama will be a romantic comedy about a famous writer, his biggest anti-fan, and the mysterious ghostwriter, with whom the two somehow have a connection. Actor Yoo Ah In will play the role of star writer Han Se Joo, while actress Im Soo Jung will take on the role of his biggest fan and later anti-fan, Jeon Seol. Rounding out the main cast is actor Go Kyung Pyo, who will play the mysterious ghostwriter, Yoo Jin Oh.

In the first teaser, viewers can see Jeon Seol, who is Han Se Joo’s biggest fan, show up at the writer’s home unexpectedly. He immediately assumes she’s a stalker and the teaser hints at the humorous but dysfunctional relationship between the two. The teaser ends with all three characters with a typewriter, which somehow connects them through their previous lives.

In the second teaser, Han Se Joo’s voice can be heard saying, “Don’t you think that writer’s block is something that whiny people made up in order to have an excuse to drink?”, exemplifying the character’s egoistic personality.

Jeon Seol’s voice follows up as she insists that fans can change the world, implying that she believes she is doing something very important by being Han Se Joo’s biggest fan.

Finally, the teaser wraps up with Yoo Jin Oh’s voice saying, “I’m not in a position where I can freely reveal who I am, so just call me Yoo,” emphasizing the air of mystery surrounding Go Kyung Pyo’s character.

Watch the two teasers below! Plus, check out some character video teasers that tvN has released for each of the characters and a video of their first script reading!

tvN’s “Chicago Typewriter” will air on April 7 at 8 p.m. KST.

Be sure to also check out the trailer on Viki below!