Update: Cube Entertainment Reveals Logo For Mysterious “Triple H”

Updated April 4 KST:

After the countdown to “D-day” on their website ran out, Cube Entertainment has now revealed a logo for something entitled “Triple H.” Many fans are wondering if this is related to the planned project group featuring HyunA, or something else entirely.

What do you think the agency has planned?

Original Article: 

Cube Entertainment is gearing up for “D-day?”

As of April 1 KST, the opening page of Cube Entertainment’s website has been replaced with a yellow background and a red countdown timer ticking down in real-time. A link included near the top connects the teaser to Cube’s normal official website but gives no other details about the teaser.

The title of the page is simply “D-day.” At time of writing, the countdown timer appears to be ticking towards something happening on April 4 KST.

What do you think the mysterious teaser is about?

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